AdRefresh Online Services


AdRefresh is qualified to solve complex challenges, using ad management best practices, flawless ad server migration and give expert advice/make informed decisions on increasing your profits. AdRefresh provides digital marketers with a variety of services ranging from essential back-office tasks (ad trafficking, campaign management) to complex initiatives (reporting and analytics). We have domain expertise and can easily blend our knowledge and resources with your in house team to achieve your goals in a cost effective manner.

By leveraging our media operations, reporting, analytics and creative service teams, AdRefresh clients streamline their business, cut operational costs, and focus on core competencies in order to gain competitive advantages.

Services Overview

  • Pre-sales Support

Our inventory management experts provide right guidance to your sales team on the expected campaign performance taking  various factors into account viz., targeting, intended audience, time of the year, past similar campaign performance, etc. This will ensure that clients expectations are met and under delivery is kept at a minimum.

  • Business Support

Our team can offer your business end to end campaign management solutions and support. Drop us a call and we can set up a meeting to chalk out your requirement and our solutions.

  • Publisher Support

Whether you are a small start-up or a well established website, we provide you with solutions on ad sizes and placements. We’ll also generate tags and set them up on the website so that you can quickly monetize your website. And if you are a seasoned website, we can provide full time support to maintain ads on your website.

  • Account Management

 We offer a dedicated account management expert who is responsible for the day-to-day management of a particular clients account with the business. The account manager is a point of contact, and provides support, technical assistance and general relationship management.

  • Campaign Trafficking

AdRefresh has a team of dedicated and experienced ad operations executives that can handle your trafficking needs quickly and accurately. With an extremely responsive team that works to ensure that your campaigns launch on time and without errors, we are the team of choice for online media companies.  Our team works on and has expertise in the following ad servers & exchanges:

DFP (Small Biz and Enterprise), DFA, Atlas, MediaMind, Pointroll, Eyewonder, AppNexus, Right Media, OpenX, AdTech, OAS, AdJuggler and etc.

  • Campaign Management

Our campaign management team ensures that campaigns are set up in line with the client requirements and targets. We provide you with reports and analytics to make informed decisions about campaign performance so that you can manage and set client expectations accordingly.

  • Campaign Optimization

Campaign Optimization play a crucial role in attaining the optimal campaign performance. The campaigns should be monitored at multiple levels; most common being site optimization, creative optimization and audience management. AdRefresh has a very experienced campaign optimization team that understands the campaign goals and is able to manage campaigns effectively through constant monitoring and making changes after due statistical data considerations.

  • Discrepancy Management

As the complexities grow and multiple ad servers are involved, discrepancies are a painful reality of ad operations. As a team, we understand the dynamics of ad server counts and are able to effectively report and resolve impression and click discrepancies. Using business intelligence tools, we are able to report definitive thresholds for management and appropriate tweaking to work within advertiser guidelines.

  • Campaign reports

Generating campaign reports on a daily basis helps track the progress of ad campaigns. Our analytics experts suggest and employ various yield optimization techniques to clients to ensure higher yield.

  • 3rd Party Reports

Generation of reports from 3rd party ad servers and comparing with the hosted adserver numbers on a regular basis keeps discrepancies to a minimum. Our experts are able to highlight discrepancies sooner and deal with adjusting eCPM’s to optimize ad campaigns. 

  • Publisher/Advertiser Billing Reports

Our analytics experts generate monthly billing reports for advertisers and publishers in a timely manner so that you can generate your invoices on time. This data is securely processed and shared with billing team.

  • Inventory Forecasting Reports

Forecasting helps sales manage clients expectations of campaign delivery and ensures that we are meeting our campaign goals. Our team of experts are able to accurately forecast campaign inventory for various targeting criteria and also suggest changes to the targeting to achieve client goals during pre sales.

  • Creative Review

We take creative guidelines seriously, and we have an entire team devoted to scanning creatives and ensure that ads meet the creative guidelines. We process each banner and our human audit team ensures content quality and flags sensitive ads and attributes. We also follow strict quality regulations where malware is concerned.

  • Creative Mocks

Proposing new IAB approved ad units to clients and being able to provide visual representation of these ads in a proposal or a test page are a powerful way to win the client's trust. To enable this, our team of designers can create mocks that showcase standard and innovative ad units.

  • Fix creative issues

Our team can also edit creative sizes, fix click tracking issues, test rich media and do anything else you need.

  • Screenshots

Its important to keep clients updated once their campaign is launched. By providing them with screenshots, we ensure that clients are satisfied.